We delight to know Christ and to make him known.

We are a church family who worship God as Trinity: Father, Son and Spirit.

We believe that Jesus Christ came into the world, died for our sins, was raised and ascended, is building his worldwide church and one day will return. He drives our vision.

Therefore, we as a church aim:

To help others know of him and the rescue he offers.

To build up Christians in the faith, in maturity and love for Christ.

To send out people equipped to serve him and speak of him.

These aims are enacted through the Bible and prayer: the Bible is God’s authoritative voice to us. We have Bible input at the centre of practically all our services and groups.


In response, we pray to God our Father that, by his Spirit, his will would be done and his purposes completed. 

Come and join us in this world-reaching, church-building, people-sending task!