We are a story of God's kindness.

Back in the late 1990s, the evening service at central St Ebbe’s was at capacity in terms of numbers, and something needed to be done if we were to grow further.


Many of us lived in east Oxford. After much prayer, discussion and consultation, we started an evening service in September 2001, meeting in Headington School.

Since then, things have grown:

In Headington Today

Over the years, our staff team has grown in number, and so has our church family – but we hope those are far from the only signs of spiritual growth and impact.


We have run craft nights, sports quizzes, wine tastings, curry evenings, family fun days, summer Holiday Bible Clubs, and various short Bible courses to help share Christian faith with others.


We have welcomed people from round the world and seen them head back, built up in faith.

We have been able to send people to different parts of the world in Christian mission and ministry, and to encourage others into training for ordained ministry here in the UK.


We are delighted to run many events throughout the week that connect with the local community, students and local residents, and we are looking to God for continued growth in the years ahead.


We are thrilled to play our part in a new church plant, Grace Church Cowley, starting in September 2019.