Digging Deeper

Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

Colossians 2:2-3

Word on Wednesday

Word on Wednesdays happen once or twice a term. They are a chance to dig deeper into particular issues or topics than we are able to on Sunday or in other contexts.

Recent topics include understanding our cultural moment, renewal & revival, sleep, predestination, emotions and Augustine.


South Central MTC

Many from our church family have attended the regional Ministry Training Course, organised by the South Central Gospel Partnership. This is a highly accessible course designed to give training in how to teach God's word in whatever context you find yourself in - be it helping with a children's group, leading Bible studies in a home group, or talking about faith with friends. It's a really exciting mix of people.


MTC runs on Tuesdays, and usually takes place in Oxford city centre, in the St Ebbe's church building. Around 80-90 people of different church backgrounds, ages and contexts get involved each year. There are many other options, including weekend events and evening courses, for those who cannot attend mid-week day course due to work. You can find out more about MTC here.


Book Groups

Various groups meet regularly to discuss a variety of interesting books. Recently different groups have read Dominion (Tom Holland) and Reformed Dogmatics (Herman Bavinck). There has also been a beginners course in New Testament Greek. Contact Leon via the office for more information.

Image by Aaron Burden

10ofThose Bookstall

St Ebbe's Headington has a virtual bookstall with 10ofThose, with a range of recommended titles to read for various ages, stages and issues. There are sections for families, youth, students and adults, covering a range of Biblical themes, books and issues.


If you would like to talk about what to read about a certain topic, have a look through the bookstall, or get in touch with the office via email!