Bereavement Support Group

The Bereavement Journey is a 6-week course supporting anyone experiencing bereavement, grief and loss. 

If you are visiting this page due to a personal bereavement, we are truly sorry for your loss. At St Ebbe’s Headington, we recognise the significant need for bereavement support in our local community particularly this year, and our prayer is that this course will bring blessing to many. 


The Bereavement Journey was developed at Holy Trinity Brompton church in London and has been appreciated by thousands of people nationwide over 20 years. See for more details. 


We will be running the course in our church building on Lime Walk.

Topics covered will include:

- attachment

- separation and loss

- difficult feelings

- rites of passage

- the impact and pain of bereavement

- coping with others

- coping with change

- moving forward

- an optional session on questions of faith

Six Thursday evenings:

16th September - 21st October 2021




For more information or to speak to someone about the course please contact the church office, or Jill Horner, a church member at St Ebbe's Headington, on:  



- What sort of bereavement/loss is this course suitable for?  

Any: recent / of long ago / of a loved one in death / of a relationship / loss of someone of any age, however old or young / in any circumstances, Covid or not. 


- Do I need to have a faith or be interested in Christianity? 

No, the course is entirely open to and suitable for all.  The 6th session looks at Questions of Faith and is an optional session.


- Will I be required to share my personal experience?  

There will be no pressure to share anything you do not want to.  


- How long are the sessions and how many?

Each session is 2 hours maximum, 7.30-9.30pm. There are six sessions (the 6th session, on questions of faith, is optional) running on Thursday evenings from 13th September - 18th October 2021.  


- What will be the format of each session?

In each session we will watch two short talks (following the Course Handbook which each person will receive), and break a couple of times into small discussion groups. 


- Do I have to come to every session? 

Attendance at every session is recommended.  Each session is designed to follow on from and build upon the previous session. 


- What does it cost to attend? 

Nothing, it’s free.  If you would like to donate to support the continuing work of St. Ebbe’s in Headington, then please speak to one of the course leaders or drop a line to the office at:


- Will there be any course homework? 

No.  Although we do recommend finding a trusted friend or relative with whom you can share your reflections after each session; many people find this helpful towards processing things as the course goes along.


- Where can I find further bereavement support? is a helpful signposting website where you will find lots of bereavement services and information.  We, at St. Ebbe’s in Headington, would love to support you more and can also help to point you in the direction of specific local bereavement support; please get in touch. 


- What is your Covid policy?  

Numbers will be limited to 15, and any current Covid government guidelines will be adhered to.


- How will you use my personal information?

We will process your data in accordance with our privacy and data policy.